Km Architecture Office is an architecture and construction firm founded in 2019 by Tran Minh Phuoc in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Pop Up

Engineered in Saigon in 20 days and nights, assembled in Kien Giang in 8 days, to the surprise of many people, there had never been a trace of wall before. We often joke witheach other: This project is like a quick project design, the only difference is that at university,we receive a design project in one day, submit it and if we fail, we can do it again. With Pop Up, we didn't get a chance to do it again: because it's so realistic, every detail has to be taken into account, which is what challenges excites us at the same time.


POR Office

It is not easy to make the client keep the entire 13-year-old building because there are a lot of things to do if it is a renovation project rather than a new-built one. There is a consideration of demolishing the building, which wastes time, money and has a bad impact on the environment… Is it necessary to do that? Our thinking is on the opposite side of building the new project. We cover the existing structure with modern metal and glass, referring to it as "a touch of the past through modern thought and material".
Km Architecture Office